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The impacts of Climate Change are already being felt across the region and will continue to do so. Historically the water channels were built to take away the water that flows through the area and out to sea. Now we need to look at how this water can be stored together with a number of other options to manage the water to avoid flooding but also to make it available when and where it is needed.

Water Resources East is a collaboration of water focussed organisations and companies to look at water resources planning.
Eastern England faces a number of significant risks to its future water supply, which could have a catastrophic impact on the area’s communities, economy, and environment if left unchecked.

WRE are working in partnership to safeguard a sustainable supply of water for the Eastern England, resilient to future challenges and enabling the area’s communities, environment and economy to reach their full potential.

The draft Regional Water Resources Plan for Eastern England was published in November 2022 and is out for consultation until 20 February 2023 . For more information go to:

Future Fens Integrated Adaptation Project.

The Future Fens project is about developing national resilience in the face of a changing climate across a complex low-lying landscape. ​

Together, Fen communities, water organisations, businesses and partners from local and national government are joining forces in a ground-breaking partnership that takes a multi-sector approach to water supply and flood management, to create environmental and social prosperity in the region. ​

What the project is doing ​
Building resilience to drought – Creating two new reservoirs on a similar scale to Grafham and Rutland Water which will be able to help source the region’s water supply.​

Building resilience to flooding – new flood risk strategy and line of defence that will absorb flood water and help to prevent devastating flood events.​

Benefits for the region

It will unlock economic growth, new housing projects and improved transport links, as well as benefiting nature and tourism. The Future Fens programme enables the community to take control, adapting and becoming climate resilient. ​

Benefits for the UK

It will encourage more productive agriculture, long term food security, increased biodiversity, climate resilient infrastructure and will be a pioneering programme that can be rolled out globally. Through this innovative partnership programme, we hope to inspire other low-lying landscapes around the globe to adapt, to prosper and thrive.

For further information: Anglian Water: Future Fens: The integrated adaptation project