Making the Fens sustainable and resilient!

Research, Reports and Information resources

Cambridgeshire Landscape 3D Modelling Research Paper Modelling biodiversity distribution in agricultural landscapes to support ecological network planning (Mossman, Dolman & Panter) Sept 2015

Water for agriculture: collaborative approaches and on-farm storage Final Report (Cranfield University 2014)

Natural England Access to Evidence - Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation Publications

England's Peatlands Natural England Report 2010

Increasing Landscape Connectivity -Evaluating the risks that this will encourage invasive non native species

Working together to make space for nature - Recommendations from a conference on large-scale conservation in England (JP011)

Restoration of wetlands: best practice guidelines and practical toolkits for policy makers and practitioners

Lowland Peat Restoration Study (Cranfield University 2010) Final Report for Natural England

Managing Soil Biota to deliver Ecosystem Services Summary (Newcastle University 2012) Commissioned by Natural England Summary. Full Report - Website Link

Green Infrastructure Plans

Wash and Fens Lincolnshire - Document

Cambridgeshire Green Infrastructure Strategy - Document Website

Useful websites

South East Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee Website

National Parks Website