Making the Fens sustainable and resilient!

Listed here are the documents and information resulting from the research the partnership has undertaken.

1 Fens for the Future Strategy

In 2012 a full strategic plan for the Fenland was developed which forms the approach to identifying the ecological network and developing sustainable practices in the Fens

2 Fenland Flora (Mountford and Graham)

The whole Fenland Basin is the subject of a major survey of this mainly artificial landscape. The project began in 2006 and will continue until at least 2018, to map the distribution of the wild flowers, sedges, grasses, rushes, ferns and stoneworts of Fenland and to understand the reasons for their distributions, and the communities within which they occur. The project differs from the UK tradition of floras for administrative counties in that the focus is a landscape defined by topography, hydrology and soils i.e. the factors that characterise the Fenland. The survey is run by Jonathan Graham and Owen Mountford, and much fuller information is available on their webpage ( ) together with information on how to get involved in this project. The Fenland Flora project will provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of the plants of the region that should prove a vital resource for everyone with an interest in the environment of the Fens.

3 Fens Biodiversity Audit (UEA-Mossman, Panter and Dolman)

A comprehensive biodiversity audit of the Fens, cataloging over 13,000 species

4 Connectivity and Ditches

A key goal of the Fens for the Future Partnership is to develop an enhanced and sustainable ecological network, linking fragmented habitat and increasing area. Within the arable landscape there are more than 20 million km of ditches and drains and, with the application of enhanced management, this ditch network presents an excellent opportunity for both increasing habitat area and connectivity. However, ditch enhancement must be targeted to where it will be most effective and the Partnership started with commissioning a study to provide an evidence base for such strategic targeting.

Fens Connectivity Study - Predictive modelling of spatial biodiversity data to support ecological network mapping - (Panter, Dolman and Mossman 2013)

Research Paper (Mossman, Panter and Dolman 2015) - Modelling biodiversity distribution in agricultural landscapes to support ecological network planning

Survey work is being carried out and reports produced for reference and areas covered cross referenced with the Connectivity Study and proposed network routes.To date listed below is the work and surveys undertaken;

Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership Ditches Surveys

Phase 1 Covered western area (SSSI area) of Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership Site.

Phase 2 (Planned) –Covering eastern areas of Landscape Partnership Site and bottle trapping for east and west.

Ditches Survey –Bourne area in Lincolnshire 2013

5 Maps

South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership Botanical Maps - Opens in new window