Making the Fens sustainable and resilient!

Projects include:

Black Tailed Godwit Project

RSPB in partnership with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), this five-year project, funded by the EU LIFE nature programme, aims to increase the population of breeding black-tailed godwits in the UK. 2017-2022

South Lincolnshire Fenland Partnership Botanical Maps- Now completed

2015 - The Partnership has commissioned a series of botanical maps to record the level of species richness in the low level water channels (drains) of the Lincolnshire Fens

Thorney Farmland Bird Project -Now completed

The Thorney Farmland Bird Friendly Zone (TFBFZ) is an ambitious landscape-scale farmland bird conservation project aimed at tailor managing arable farmland across a large area of Cambridgeshire countryside for the benefit of farmland birds and other wildlife.  

Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership-Now completed

The Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership (OWLP) scheme is an HLF-funded Landscape Partnership scheme in the heart of the Cambridgeshire and Norfolk Fens focusing on the distinctive rural, open and tranquil landscape surrounding the Ouse Washes

OWLP Ditches Project Results from the work undertaken in this project have been shared with the Partnership as part of the ecological network development.

Fens Futurescape

The RSPB Fens team is in the process of finalising its revised Fens Futurescape Action Plan, which focuses on major habitat creation projects and delivery of advisory to extend and buffer these sites. The recently successful Ouse Washes HLF Landscape Partnership bid will enable us to deliver two projects, one of which aims to replicate our successful Thorney farmland conservation initiative alongside the Ouse Washes at Manea, with a focus on community engagement.

Conservation, Restoration and Creation of Fenland Habitats

These are long term projects and activities within the Fenland area carried out by a number of Partners. Activities include; looking after the remaining original fen habitats, restoring habitat where possible and creating new habitat as opportunities to do so open up.

Other projects relevant to the Fens

CANAPE (creating a new approach to peatland ecosystems)