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By working together we build consensus, pool expertise and draw on a wider range of funding. For example it is unlikely that a single landowner could afford to switch from a model of intensive arable to extensive grazing as part of a wetland system. However working in partnership with others could release additional funds from agri-environment schemes, planning departments, grant giving bodies and water companies, making the scheme not only viable but financially attractive. Building and sharing innovative models of joint-working and funding is key to building the future.

The Partnership works together using three key approaches;

  • Strategically; raising awareness of the Fens, promoting the landscape approach and advocate good land and water practices for the Fens
  • Supporting Partner projects and carrying out projects which will benefit the wider Fens area and partners aims for the Fens (where identified), for example; enhancing the connectivity between core sites to improve the resilience of wildlife species, developing tourism and leisure opportunities to support the fenland economy and undertaking research that will inform future management practices.
  • Act as a forum to share information and best practice approaches between the partners

Partners who have the responsibility for care and management of fenland habitats, undertake restoration and habitat creation as part of their respective strategic plans. This goes hand in hand with supporting the fenland economy by increasing visitor access to nature reserves, developing activities and interest for visitors.