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Natural Capital "…the elements of nature that directly or indirectly produce value to people, including ecosystems, species, freshwater, land, minerals, the air and oceans, as well as natural processes and functions" (The Natural Capital Committee)

Ecosystem services are the benefits provided by ecosystems that contribute to making human life both possible and worth living. Examples of ecosystem services include products such as food and water, regulation of floods, soil erosion and disease outbreaks, and non-material benefits such as recreational and spiritual benefits in natural areas. The term ‘services’ is usually used to encompass the tangible and intangible benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems, which are sometimes separated into ‘goods’ and ‘services’.   (The UK National Ecosystem Assessment )

The Office of National Statistics measures the ecosystem services provided by the UK Natural Capital as an account. The latest accounts can be viewed HERE

Peatland ecosystem services that flow from this Natural Capital asset are measured and the latest accounts can be viewed HERE